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Keeping The Winter Pests Away

Nobody really enjoys being cold, and pests are no exception. Have you ever noticed that when the temperature plummets you seem to find more insects and signs of rodents inside your home? I have recently made it my mission to pest-proof my home before winter arrives, and I decided to record my different pest eradication methods in this blog. From using pest control services to advice on how to block up mice entry points, my blog posts will give you ideas on how you can keep the pesky creatures out of your home when it starts to get cold outside. The more you prepare now, the less pest evidence you'll see next winter.



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Top 3 Focus Areas For Your Employees' Commercial Pest Control Trainings

Having a proper and effective commercial pest control plan in place protects the health and safety of your employees. A bad reputation on account of poor pest control will drive away clients, which may force you to trim down your workforce or close shop altogether. Again, you may be forced to shut down if you score poorly during health inspections, leaving your employees with no jobs.

Seeing as how your commercial pest control plan and efforts affect your employees, they should be very much a part of the program. One way to ensure that your employees play an active role in your integrated commercial pest control plan is providing them with the necessary training.

Personnel from the pest control company of your choice can train your employees on the following, among other areas:

1. Best Practices For Prevention

Your employees may be unknowingly helping to create an environment that is conducive for pest infestations. It is usually the little things, such as leaving a damp and dirty mop lying around, not emptying the trash bins regularly and other seemingly insignificant practices that make a difference.

With proper training, your staff members will be equipped with knowledge about all the best practices for avoiding pest infestations.

2. Identifying The Signs Of An Infestation

A few roaches here and there can quickly turn into hundreds of cockroaches in a couple of days. Early detection makes a world of difference in commercial pest control. Thanks to the formal training sessions, your employees will have a better understanding of the signs that they should look out for before the pest problem escalates.

The trainers will assess and establish the exact type of pests that are likely to invade your business. Your staff's training will have a special emphasis on the signs that indicate these particular pests are around.

3. Understanding Compliance Issues

Before your employees can fully appreciate and embrace the role they have to play in your plan, they must first be able to understand the importance of commercial pest control. During the training, the best place to start is in highlighting what pest control means for everyone's health. The trainers can also cover compliance with industry-specific standards, regulations and legislation.

Commercial pest control is a collective responsibility. Without a proper knowledge base, your employees will more likely than not be unable to do their part. Contact a pest control company to learn more.