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Keeping The Winter Pests Away

Nobody really enjoys being cold, and pests are no exception. Have you ever noticed that when the temperature plummets you seem to find more insects and signs of rodents inside your home? I have recently made it my mission to pest-proof my home before winter arrives, and I decided to record my different pest eradication methods in this blog. From using pest control services to advice on how to block up mice entry points, my blog posts will give you ideas on how you can keep the pesky creatures out of your home when it starts to get cold outside. The more you prepare now, the less pest evidence you'll see next winter.



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What Should You Do If Wasps Build a Nest on Your Warehouse?

If you notice that wasps have built a nest under the roof of your warehouse, you may not be sure what to do about it. You don't mind wasps yourself all that much and you can't see them doing that much harm. However, some of your employees aren't that happy about the nest and they ask you to deal with it. Why is this important to get rid of the wasps and how can you do it?

Wasps and Employees Don't Mix

If your wasps are attracted to your warehouse, then they can be pretty disruptive. Even if most of your employees are big, burly blokes, some may be scared of wasps.

If one of your workers freaks out when a wasp comes near them, then they can't focus on their job. They may even cause an accident or damage something if they drop what they are doing to get away from a wasp that is buzzing around them.

More seriously, your employees could get hurt from wasp stings. This could affect the way they can do their jobs. For example, if a wasp stings one of your workers on the hand and their hand swells up a little, then they may not be able to use their hand normally until the swelling goes down.

While a sting is a minor inconvenience for most people, it's more serious for some. For example, if one of your employees is severely allergic to wasp stings, then they could go into anaphylactic shock. This kind of reaction can be life-threatening and needs immediate treatment.

How to Get Rid of a Wasp Nest

While you can buy wasp killers that you can apply yourself, this isn't always the best solution. Wasps get angry when they are disturbed or feel threatened.

If you approach the nest to treat it, you could end up covered in angry wasps. You could get badly stung. Even if you manage to treat the nest and get away unscathed, the treatment isn't guaranteed to work. If you've never got rid of a wasp nest before, then you're working in the dark.

A commercial pest control service can deal with your wasp nest quickly and effectively. They know what they are doing and have all the protective gear they need to keep themselves safe as they deal with the nest. So, for quick and safe results, call out a local pest controller and ask them to deal with your wasps.