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Keeping The Winter Pests Away

Nobody really enjoys being cold, and pests are no exception. Have you ever noticed that when the temperature plummets you seem to find more insects and signs of rodents inside your home? I have recently made it my mission to pest-proof my home before winter arrives, and I decided to record my different pest eradication methods in this blog. From using pest control services to advice on how to block up mice entry points, my blog posts will give you ideas on how you can keep the pesky creatures out of your home when it starts to get cold outside. The more you prepare now, the less pest evidence you'll see next winter.



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What Should You Do If You Suspect Termites Have Invaded Your Home?

The very mention of termites strikes fear into the hearts of homeowners all across Australia. This is because termites can cause catastrophic damage to a building if left to do their thing for too long. And because termites are so common throughout Australia, it pays to be vigilant.

If you think you have termites, then you need to take immediate action. Given enough time, termites can leave you with an expensive repair bill. Take the following actions if you think termites have invaded your home.

Find out How Bad the Infestation Is

How far into your home have the termites infiltrated? Start with the place where you found termite signs initially and work your way outwards from there. Look for the following signs.

  • Soft and sunken areas of wood in objects like skirting boards.
  • Scattered piles of pepper-like granules (droppings and dirt) under or near wood.
  • Roaming mud tunnels on walls, ceilings and flooring.

These are the three main signs of infestation. Look for these signs around your home. This will help you to determine the likely extent of the damage and infestation.

Find out Where the Termites Are Coming From

Subterranean termites are the scourge of homes and structures throughout Australia. But they always come up from the ground to reach their meals. Because termites need moisture, darkness and wood to survive, look in areas near your home's foundation that have these three things.

Check the exterior walls and foundation of your home. Check in crawlspaces, and check under sinks and in cupboards on the ground floor.

Find out If Your Home Has Any Leaks

Without a nearby source of moisture, termites will not survive. This is why it is important to protect your home against leaks in Australia. A leak, even just a leaking tap, can create a moisture source and a source of humidity and rotting wood for termites. Termites can sense the presence of rotting wood.

Check your air conditioning units, gutters, sinks and pipes.

Find a Pest Control Service Near You

Seek out a trustworthy pest control service near you. Now that you have discovered termites, you need to confirm just how bad the infestation is and where the termites are coming from. You can determine some of that information yourself, to an extent, but only a professional termite inspector has the tools and the knowledge to locate, identify and eradicate termites for good.

If termites have invaded your home, act today. Otherwise, they could do serious damage to your home. Contact a pest control service for a termite home inspection.